5 + 2 Cephalonian beaches to include in your to-do list!

17 FEBRUARY 2016 18:11:00

Cephalonia island is located at the west part of Greece, south to Lefkada and above the island of Zakynthos (Zante). It comprises one of the most gifted touristic destinations in Greece, featuring a unique combination of outstanding coastline and beaches, along with pompous mountains and special natural and historical places to visit. Although Cephalonia comprises the biggest (third in population) and most mountainous island of the Ionian islands, the fame and the beauty of its sandy and pebble beaches has travelled beyond the Greek borders. Let's explore together some of the most special beaches in different places around the island.


If you have visited or you're planning to visit Cephalonia, then it is impossible not to know Myrtos beach. Thousands of people every year, both from Greece and all over the world, enjoy this breathtaking beach, comprising the most famous beach of Cephalonia and one of the most beautiful & unique ones in whole Greece. Its azure, crystal clear waters along with the sheer cliffs and the white sand create a magical Cephalonian scenery to indulge in.


Antisamos beach comprised the natural set for the filming of Nicholas Cage's movie, "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", and the choice was not random, as the providing, by nature, context wins your heart at first sight. Rounded with green hills and mountains, the pebble Antisamos beach is fully equipped with beach bars and sun beds and it is located near to the colorful port of Sami.      

Makrys & Platys Gialos

Within 3 kilometers distance from the capital of the island, Argostoli, Makrys Gialos beach is famous among those who seek for sea sports experiences in a safe context, as the beach provides lifeguard services. The extension of Makrys Gialos is called Platys Gialos and they are divided by a few rocks in between the two shores. Platys Gialos holds a blue flag for its crystal clear waters, as well as is organised with numerous beach bars and tavernas.


Assos beach is a pebble beach with a golden sandy seafloor and it is located 10 kilometers away from the cosmopolitan village of Fiskardo. Unwind at the quaint cafes next to the beach or rent a small boat and explore the hidden tiny coves around Assos beach!


Unique in many ways, Xi beach is one of the must-visit places in Cephalonia. Named after the Greek letter Xi (ξ in Greek) because of the shape similarities of its cove with the described letter, this beach comprises one of the best places to enjoy a Cephalonian sunset. The diving sun in combination to its loamy red sand creates an eerie pattern of colours and images, while the clay sprinkled on the rocks around the beach, offers the most quality natural spa treatment for body cleansing & firming.    


Its shallow, rounded and protected by rocks, waters make the beach of Ai-Chelis a perfect destination for families and kids. It is totally organised with all kinds of comforts (sunbeds, beach bars, beach Volley courts etc) and it is located just 20 minutes away from the capital of island, Argostoli.


Golden sand, tranquility, serene landscapes. Avithos beach is popular across Greece for its incredible beauty and all the comforts it provides. This is also the reason for which lots of families choose it for their relaxation. Do not forget to swim to the islet of Zeus across the beach and feel the divine vibes of the king of the Gods!   

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