The best alternative activities while visiting Kefalonia

11 APRIL 2020 11:42:00

1.   Robola Winery
An enhancing experience of the winemaking process & wine taste experience is a must if you truly love wine or even if you just want to try something different while on vacation in Kefalonia. 
Located in the traditional village of Valsamata the modern factory has a vas variety of products and activities one should try! A must is the famous Robola wine which is one of the most popular wines in the region! A great alternative experience to enjoy and explore the many parts of Kefalonia which make this island truly unique.

2.   Argostoli Walking Tour
What better way to discover Argostoli and its hidden gems from a guided walking tour with an expert that knows the best museums, secret spots and most importantly local knowledge and history of this amazing city! You can either have a private tour or with an organized group, uncover secret sports, taste local products and enjoy this walking tour that will leave you mesmerized on how many things you can discover just by taking a stroll in this amazing city!

3.The Roman Villa in Skala Village
Discovered in 1956 in the village of Skala which is located south of the island this masterpiece is highly recommended to visit upon your stay in Kefalonia!  The details which you will discover at this ancient Roman villa will truly leave you mesmerized. The decoration of the fragmented floor surfaces is interesting for the composite geometric and herbal motif designs and the pictorial representations. 

4.St Georges Castle
This truly amazing castle, which was build during when the island was under the Venetians, is truly a work of art! Located in the village of Peratata this unique castle was build due to its strategic location, which gives its visitors amazing views!  The visitor will also have the opportunity to stroll around the village with its charming houses and lovely coffee shops! Get ready to discover a piece of history and make sure you have your camera ready to take breathtaking photos from above! 

5. Mountain Ainos
The highest mountain in all of the Ionian Sea, Mountain Ainos stands tall through the passing of time! Protected by the Greek government as a natural habitat to many animals this mountain is truly amazing! From its breathtaking views from the highest point to its hiking paths, this is truly an all-around beautiful creation! Paved roads leading to the highest point where you are able to gaze to the infinite blue and surrounding island on a clear sky day, visiting this mountain is truly an amazing experience! And if you are lucky you might see the famous wild horses from afar!

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